Brontel are premier providers of network services.
Our goal is to provide you the very best in network service products.

Line rental and other services at reduced rates

We are pleased to be able to offer you great value line rental at a reduced rate. If you have a BT line you can now switch to Brontel saving you money on your line rental, as well as calls. The services remain the same and BT still installs all new services as well as maintaining the existing ones. The only difference is that the bill for the service comes from us instead of BT and much lower cost.

Transfers are seamless, and upon transfer all of your calls are routed via Brontel giving you access to business-quality, low cost telephone calls.
Our quality control standards are high. Our staff are among the best in the telecoms industry. Our goal is always to deliver the best service at the lowest price. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.
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